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The printHAT enclosure is designed to accomodate the board and the Raspberry Pi. It is composed of two, easily 3D printable, halves and support the installation on slotted modular frames (OpenBuilds, Misumi, Bosch). It comes in two flavours: with and without cooling fan.

Natural cooling Forced cooling
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The forced cooling version is particularly indicated for all those applications where maximum performance of the drivers is needed, either because of high printing speed or because of big motors with high motor current.
We recommend the use of one of the following fans:

Enclosure and fan are assembled using the following fasteners

Qty Article Note
4 DIN912 M3x30 screw enclosure to board
4 M3 nut enclosure to board
4 DIN912 M3x10 screw optional, 10mm fan
4 DIN912 M3x20 screw optional, 20mm fan
2 M5x8 screw enclosure to frame
2 M5 T-nut enclosure to frame


To mount the enclosure onto a frame, the top half of the enclosure has to be fixed first with the M5x8 screws and T-nuts. Use the Allen key throgh the dedicated holes on the part.


Take the bottom half of the enclosure and the assembled printHAT and Raspberry Pi and slide them together. The enclosure features internal slots to support the boards with no need for additional stand-off. Make sure the boards slide all the way in, so that the board mounting holes are aligned with the ones on the enclosure. Use two M3x30 screws and M3 nuts to secure boards and cover together. If you're assembling the forced cooling version mount the fan using four M3x10 screws.

alt alt

Put together the two parts sliding the bottom assembly inside thr top part mounted on the frame. Use two M3x30 screws and M3 nuts to secure boards and top part together. That's it.


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