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WRENCH-WorkQueue Implementation

This project is a WRENCH-based simulator of the WorkQueue framework.


WRENCH-WorkQueue is fully developed in C++. The code follows the C++11 standard, and thus older compilers tend to fail the compilation process. Therefore, we strongly recommend users to satisfy the following requirements:

  • CMake - version 3.2.3 or higher

And, one of the following:

  • g++ - version 5.0 or higher
  • clang - version 3.6 or higher


Building From Source

If all dependencies are installed, compiling and installing WRENCH-WorkQueue is as simple as running:

cmake .
make install  # try "sudo make install" if you do not have the permission to write

Get in Touch

The main channel to reach the WRENCH-WorkQueue team is via the support email:

Bug Report / Feature Request: our preferred channel to report a bug or request a feature is via
WRENCH-WorkQueue' Github Issues Track.

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