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🏑 a bunch of *nix configuration
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In the sharing spirit of *nix, here are a bunch of my dotfiles, a few random scripts, and other odds and ends. Compared to my old darcs repo for sharing this stuff, I've removed a bunch of the catzen stuff and the old Perl stuff; both of them because I no longer use them and so they're probably bitrotten.

Shell scripting

Here's a quick synopsis of the scripts in ~/local/bin:

  • _abspath β€” make a path absolute and canonical
  • _normalize_space β€” remove leading/trailing spaces and collapse duplicate space
  • _shell_quote β€” single-quote a string, escaping characters as necessary
  • byte-sort β€” sort lines beginning with human-readable bytesizes
  • cal β€” like the built-in cal, but highlights today
  • darcs-newfiles β€” determine which files aren't under darcs control. (like darcs w -ls but can be much faster)
  • dotsort β€” sort hostnames in the correct way
  • hilight β€” highlight matches; Γ  la color grep, but without filtering out non-matching lines
  • http-head
  • link_scrape
  • literacy
  • ls_all β€” recursively ls every directory along a path
  • propagate β€” push a bunch of files to a bunch of hosts, recursively as needed
  • psed β€” run a program's output through several sed filters, returning the same exit code as the child program
  • w3ctime β€” print the current time in W3C date/time format


I don't really use Mutt very much anymore, and I never really got super into it, but it's here in case I ever come back to it.

Text Editing


This is my primary text editor, but I'm far from being a guru with it. If you have any suggestions on improving things, feel free to send me a message.


I'm not an emacs person at all. I only ever really use it for Coq, Isabelle, and Agda; since emacs is the only decent way to interact with those languages. So take all this with a grain of salt.

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