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In the sharing spirit of *nix, here are a bunch of my dotfiles, a few random scripts, and other odds and ends. Compared to my old darcs repo for sharing this stuff, I've removed a bunch of the catzen stuff and the old Perl stuff; both of them because I no longer use them and so they're probably bitrotten.

Quick summary of scripts in ~/local/bin

Quality-of-life for Bash

  • _abspath β€” Make a path absolute and canonical.
  • _normalize_space β€” Remove leading/trailing spaces and collapse duplicate space.
  • _shell_quote β€” Single-quote a string, escaping characters as necessary.
  • cal β€” Like the built-in cal, but highlights today.
  • legate β€” Wrapper/enhancement of ssh-agent.
  • ls_all β€” Recursively ls every directory along a path.
  • psed β€” Run a program's output through several sed filters, returning the same exit code as the child program.
    • TODO: rename this not to shadow the Perl Stream Editor (which ships with XCode)

File munging

  • accumulate β€” Combine (key,value) lines into (key, list of values) lines. [Forked]
  • byte-sort β€” Sort lines beginning with human-readable bytesizes.
  • β€” Count lines of code. [Copied]
  • compressibility β€” Show how much space gzip/bz2 can save. [Copied]
  • dotsort β€” Sort hostnames in the correct way.
  • find-duplicates β€” A wrapper around accumulate to use md5sum.
  • hilight β€” Highlight matches; Γ  la color grep, but without removing non-matching lines.
  • literacy β€” Grep for literate-programming content.

Git subcommands

  • git-bb β€” Enhanced version of git branch -vv.
  • git-parent β€” Figure out the parent of a git branch.
  • git-reparent β€” Try to rebase the current branch onto a new parent.

Misc utilities (actively used)

  • darcs-newfiles β€” Determine which files aren't under darcs control. (like darcs w -ls but can be much faster)
  • β€” Colorized version of showrgb.
  • w3ctime β€” Print the current time in W3C date/time format.

Misc utilities (maybe bitrotten)

  • http-head β€” Get the HTTP header for a URL.
  • kill_dhcp β€” kill DHCP leases on OSX 10.5
  • link_scrape β€” Get all same-domain URLs from a webpage.
  • propagate β€” Push a bunch of files to a bunch of hosts, recursively as needed.


I don't really use Mutt very much anymore, and I never really got super into it, but it's here in case I ever come back to it.

Text Editing


This is my primary text editor, but I'm far from being a guru with it. If you have any suggestions on improving things, feel free to send me a message.


I'm not an emacs person at all. I only ever really use it for Coq, Isabelle, and Agda; since emacs is the only decent way to interact with those languages. So take all this with a grain of salt.


🏑 a bunch of *nix configuration




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