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This is a staff presentation for DV shelter employees.

There is an accompanying flyer for distribution that may encourage victims to come forward with their concern.

The main purpose is to outline the dangers of stalkerware and/or device settings that leak content to abusers.

The presentation is framed as "Hacking" because clients will often say "I think I am being hacked" when these situations arise.

Please remember that the primary goal is the safety of the client -- do not make changes to someone's device without asking them whether the changes are likely to put them in more danger. Even changing a single setting can be a dangerous action.

There are two general directions for the shelter to pursue if they are interested. The shelter can seek out additional training for their employees and handle this internally.


The shelter can seek out an individual to hold appointments with clients and audit their device.

The later step is what I instituted, but either should work sufficiently.

Check out for a Stalkerware device scanner.

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