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Known Issues

The limitations of Aqueduct 3.0 are captured in detail in the technical note. This page contains known issues that we might fix in future versions.

Version 3.0

Multipolygon islands

For the hydrological basins we used HydroBASINS level 6. A known issue of this input dataset is that island polygons are grouped into a single multipolygon. We have not split these multipolygons into single polygons. Therefore results in small islands need further inspection and please handle with care.

Raw values exceeding the range [0-1]

The monthly and annual time series for each indicator are limited to the indicator specific ranges. However, to derive a baseline value, we applied a regression model. This regression model is not limited to [0-1] and can result in values that do not make sense. We might consider more robust regression models in future version.

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