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Motorola 68k architecture support for binary ninja
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Motorola 68k Architecture Plugin (v0.1)

Original Author: Alex Forencich

A disassembler and lifter for the Motorola 68k architecture.


This plugin disassembles Motorola 68k machine code and generates LLIL.

To install this plugin, navigate to your Binary Ninja plugins directory, and run

git clone m68k

Minimum Version

This plugin requires the following minimum version of Binary Ninja:

  • release (Personal) - 1.1


This plugin is released under a MIT license.

Modifications by Jason Wright

  • register with ELF loader
  • fixups for binja il changes
  • fixed 'rtd' instruction to parse correctly
  • labels for 'jmp' and 'bra'
  • fixed 'roxr'/'roxl' instructions to add correct flag
  • fixed signedness of branches
  • added bhi, bls, bcc, bcs support
  • mark indirect jump/call as unresolved so il can figure it out
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