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Write You a Scheme

About this project

Shortcut build:

$ ./build 

Shortcut repl:

$ ./repl

Shortcut run binary executable

$ ./run -r                 # Interactive shell
$ ./run -s test/let.scheme # Run file
$ ./run --help

Building the reference implementation.

$ stack exec scheme

Testing the reference implementation. (see test-hs/Spec.hs)

$ stack test

Debugging the reference implementation in GHCI.

$ stack repl 

Building the HTML and MediaWiki files for the tutorial text.

$ stack exec docs

The Wikipedia files are generated to output/docs/*.wiki. To view the HTML output.

$ firefox output/scheme.html


Please feel free to contribute any improvements, corrects or ideas you have! I would love to hear how you are using these ideas, or what you think about this project. Your help will make this project great!


Artwork CC BY NC SA

This written work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. You may reproduce and edit this work with attribution for all non-commercial purposes.

The included source is released under the terms of the MIT License.