@thebaer thebaer released this Aug 29, 2018

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This is now at a good enough place to host yourself, though it's still version 0.x and thus subject to break in future versions, require manual data migration, etc. You can test it out here: https://readas.labs.abunchtell.com


  • Post pages now have correct metadata
  • User's existing posts are fetched when following
  • It's compatible with Plume (though past posts aren't fetched yet)
  • Fixed some panics
  • Fixed post style when not logged in
  • Fixed styles for media
  • Added a different style for when you've read posts
  • Application / instance metadata is now configured via JSON file


The attached tarballs include the compiled 64-bit binary and static assets, so you don't need to install Go or Node. Set up the database and configure the application as shown in the README, skipping the Install the application section, and instead just running keys.sh from the root of your application directory.