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claim posts #34

merged 4 commits into from Jun 11, 2019
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Just for now


Tweak post claim logging

- Presents a summary before making the request when verbose (-v) enabled
- Successful claims only shown with verbose (-v) enabled
- Failed claims now always mention cause of failure
- A summary of successes / failures shows after logging any failures,
  when verbose (-v) enabled

Ref T194
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thebaer committed Jun 11, 2019
commit ed5e498c40445bc4bc8e0077da60e6000253fe51
@@ -184,6 +184,12 @@ func main() {
Usage: "Claim local unsynced posts",
Action: commands.CmdClaim,
Description: "This will claim any unsynced posts local to this machine. To see which posts these are run: writeas posts.",
Flags: []cli.Flag{
Name: "verbose, v",
Usage: "Make the operation more talkative",
Name: "auth",
@@ -293,29 +293,31 @@ func CmdClaim(c *cli.Context) error {
return nil

log.Info(c, "Claiming %d post(s) for %s...", len(*localPosts), u.User.Username)
results, err := api.ClaimPosts(c, localPosts)
if err != nil {
return cli.NewExitError(fmt.Sprintf("Failed to claim posts: %v", err), 1)

var okCount, errCount int
for _, r := range *results {
id := r.ID
if id == "" {
// No top-level ID, so the claim was successful
id = r.Post.ID
fmt.Printf("Adding %s to user %s..", id, u.User.Username)
status := fmt.Sprintf("Post %s...", id)
if r.ErrorMessage != "" {
fmt.Printf(" Failed\n")
if config.Debug() {
log.Errorln("Failed claiming post %s: %v", id, r.ErrorMessage)
log.Errorln("%serror: %v", status, r.ErrorMessage)
} else {
fmt.Printf(" OK\n")
log.Info(c, "%sOK", status)
// only delete local if successful
api.RemovePost(c.App.ExtraInfo()["configDir"], id)
log.Info(c, "%d claimed, %d failed", okCount, errCount)
return nil

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