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Command line utility for publishing to any WriteFreely instance. Works on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The WriteFreely CLI is compatible with WriteFreely v0.11 or later.


  • Authenticate with any WriteFreely instance
  • Publish drafts
  • Manage multiple WriteFreely accounts on multiple instances
  • A stable, easy back-end for your GUI app or desktop-based workflow
  • Locally keeps track of any posts you make
  • Update and delete posts
  • Fetch any post by ID


The easiest way to get the CLI is to download a pre-built executable for your OS.


Latest release Total downloads

Get the latest version for your operating system as a standalone executable.

Download the 64-bit or 32-bit executable and put it somewhere in your %PATH%.

Download the 64-bit executable and put it somewhere in your $PATH, like /usr/local/bin.

Linux (other)
Download the 64-bit or 32-bit executable and put it somewhere in your $PATH, like /usr/local/bin.

Go get it

go get

Once this finishes, you'll see wf or wf.exe inside $GOPATH/bin/.


To upgrade the CLI, download and replace the executable you downloaded before.

If you previously installed with go get, run it again with the -u option.

go get -u


See full usage documentation on our User Guide.

   wf [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]

     post      Alias for default action: create post from stdin
     new       Compose a new post from the command-line and publish
     publish   Publish a file
     delete    Delete a post
     update    Update (overwrite) a post
     get       Read a raw post
     posts     List draft posts
     blogs     List blogs
     accounts  List all currently logged in accounts
     auth      Authenticate with a WriteFreely instance
     logout    Log out of a WriteFreely instance
     help, h   Shows a list of commands or help for one command

   -c value, -b value      Optional blog to post to
   --tor, -t               Perform action on Tor hidden service
   --tor-port value        Use a different port to connect to Tor (default: 9150)
   --code                  Specifies this post is code
   --md                    Returns post URL with Markdown enabled
   --verbose, -v           Make the operation more talkative
   --font value            Sets post font to given value (default: "mono")
   --lang value            Sets post language to given ISO 639-1 language code
   --user-agent value      Sets the User-Agent for API requests
   --host value, -H value  Operate against a custom hostname
   --user value, -u value  Use authenticated user, other than default
   --help, -h              show help
   --version, -V           print the version
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