Generate English-language filler text from Project Gutenberg
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Lorem Gutenberg

Circle CI

A PHP library for generating random text, sourced from various authors in Project Gutenberg.

Screenshot of Text Generation

Usage in an application

The included /demo/index.php file contains a generation form demo.

Make your code aware of the LoremGutenberg class via your favorite method (e.g., use or require)

Then pass a string of text into the class:

$text = LoremGutenberg::generate();
echo $text;
// Will return an excerpt of random length (1-10 sentences) from a random author.

$text = LoremGutenberg::generate(array('author' => 'austen'));
echo $text;
// Will return an excerpt of random length (1-10 sentences) from Jane Austen.

$text = LoremGutenberg::generate(array('author' => 'hardy', 'sentences' => 3));
echo $text;
// Will return an excerpt of 3 sentences from Thomas Hardy.

Usage as an API

The file in /demo/api demonstrates how GET parameters in a URL can be passed to LoremGutenberg. For example, will return 2 sentences' worth of LoremGutenberg from Thomas Hardy.


Name Description Example
author If absent, a random author will be used hardy
sentences If absent, a number from 1-10 will be used 2

Sameple valid API queries

  • /api/?author=hardy&sentences=2
  • /api/?author=hardy
  • /api/?sentences=2
  • /api/

What authors are available?

As of this writing, LoremGutenberg references texts from the following authors:

public static $authors = [
  'austen' => 'Jane Austen',
  'hardy' => 'Thomas Hardy',
  'lawrence' => 'D.H. Lawrence',
  'wharton' => 'Edith Wharton',


Unit Tests can be run (after composer install) by executing vendor/bin/phpunit