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@wrkzdev wrkzdev released this Aug 29, 2018 (2018/08/29)

  • Pre-release
  • Upgrade to this release is mandatory before block height 100,000.

Additional features:

  • Export private spend/view keys so that it can be imported to CLI.


  • Disable export keys or show seed keys during password locked wallet.
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@wrkzdev wrkzdev released this Jul 20, 2018 · 4 commits to master since this release (2018/07/21)

  • Replaced binary build
  • Add x86 binary build (2018/07/20)

Basic features:

  • Generate/Backup/Restore wallet
  • Encrypt wallet with a password
  • Built-in CPU miner with preferred pools
  • Embedded/Local and remote blockchain
  • Multiple location for remote blockchain
  • Restore/display mnemonic phrases wallet from paper wallet (Thanks to
  • Import/Export keys (not private spending and viewing key)
  • Send and list transactions
  • Block Explorer (for local blockchain)
  • Contact list
  • More...


  • We suggest to use our remote blockchain. Default round robin address:
  • If you prefer a specific location:
    Asia: (default port 17856)
    Europe: (default port 17856)
    US: (default port 17856)
  • Mnemonic phrases backup, we suggest to use English even though other languages are available.

Other notes

  • Download CLI Wrkzd additionally, if you would like to run it as a local blockchain in a separated process
  • Linux user needs qt library installed


Thanks to Cryptonote Developers, Bytecoin Developers, Monero Developers, Forknote Project, TurtleCoin Project and specifically to


Wrkz: WrkzRNDQDwFCBynKPc459v3LDa1gEGzG3j962tMUBko1fw9xgdaS9mNiGMgA9s1q7hS1Z8SGRVWzcGc8Sh8xsvfZ6u2wJEtoZB

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