a toolkit for developing user interfaces with openGL
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  rutabaga is an openGL widget toolkit in early stages
  of development. it is built against the openGL 3 core
  profile (i.e. no fixed function pipeline), licensed
  under the 2-clause BSD license, and implemented in
  almost-standard C99 (uses the non-standard ms-extensions
  for anonymous structs because C11 anonymous structs
  don't work for our purposes).

  currently it provides the skeletal components: a basic
  scene graph, event dispatching, rudimentary run-time
  type information, FreeType font rendering, and indirect
  rendering for performance.

  there is support for X11 (tested on Linux and FreeBSD),
  OSX via Cocoa, and win32/win64. the windows support is
  currently unable to deploy stand-alone apps due to some
  event loop shenanigans, but plug-in UIs (i.e. VST) work
  just fine.

  build with:

      ./waf configure

  run the examples from the build directory:


  `test` is a basic layout test application that displays
  a bunch of knobs and buttons.

  `cabbage_patch` is a patchbay for the JACK sound server
  and will only build if you have the JACK libraries and
  headers available.

  documentation is currently non-existent and the API is
  very much in flux. if the phrase "fixed-function
  pipeline" doesn't make sense to you, this is probably
  not the right time to play with rutabaga.

  questions, comments, and/or chili con carne recipies
  to wrl@illest.net.