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#About WRML, the Web Resource Modeling Language, is a domain-specific modeling language that's oriented toward the design of REST APIs. It is a formalization of common REST API design and implementation patterns found in modern application servers.

The initial implementation of the WRML runtime is Java-based, with the WrmlServlet providing the REST API engine that frees the service developer to focus on application logic.

#Key Benefits

  • Loads and initializes REST API models (design metadata) to be routed and invoked

  • Routes requests to a configured “back-end” Service based upon the target API endpoint’s response document’s Schema

  • Generates hyperlinks in responses based upon the designs of the API and the response document’s Schema

  • Represents response documents using a configured Format (e.g. JSON)

  • To reduce the number of requests per screen, supports embedding linked document(s) within the requested document

  • To reduce the byte size of responses, supports omission of unused properties from the requested document

  • Exposes API and Schema metadata to automate generation of code and docs for clients and intermediaries

#Getting Started