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Restarts NodeJS or Coffee on file changes or crashes
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conquer will run Node or Coffee while monitoring the code and/or configuration file(s) for changes. When a change occures or when the program crashes it is automatically restarted. This allowes for realtime development and rapid prototyping.

As of version 1.0.4 conquer can run any program when a file changes, allowing it to be used in more scenarios. For instance to run Stylus when a .styl file changes.


$ [sudo] npm install -g conquer


Usage: conquer.js [-ewras] [-x|-c] <script> [script args ...]


  -h, --help               output usage information
  -V, --version            output the version number
  -e, --extensions <list>  a list of extensions to watch for changes
  -w, --watch <list>       a list of folders to watch for changes
  -r, --restart-on-exit    restart on clean exit (exit status 0)
  -a, --keep-alive         restart on exit, error or chanage
  -x, --exec <executable>  the executable that runs the script
  -c, --sys-command        executes the script as a system command
  -s, --websocket <port>   start a WebSocket server to notify browsers


  <script>  the script to run, eg. "server.js"

More Info:

  <list>  a comma-delimited list, eg. "coffee,jade" or "./, bin/"

  The default extensions are "js, json, coffee". Override using -e.

  By default the directory containing the script is watched. Override
  using -w.

  The executable that will run the script is automatically choosen based on
  file extension. Coffee is used for ".coffee"; otherwise Node is used.
  Override using -x.

  Any program can be executed when a file changes by using the -c option.
  It can for example be used to watch and compile Stylus files.

  A WebSocket server can be started using the -s options. The WebSocket
  server can be used to automatically reload browsers when a file changes.
  See ./test/websocket/ for an example.


  $ conquer server.js
  $ conquer -w templates -e .jade
  $ conquer -w styles -e .styl -c stylus.cmd styles -o css
  $ conquer -e ".js, .jade" server.js --port 80

  The last example will start server.js on port 80 using Node. It will
  monitor all .js and .jade files in the same directory (and subdirectories)
  as server.js for changes.


conquer features a built-in WebSocket server that will notify listening browsers of changes. This allowes browsers to automatically refresh their page when a stylesheet or HTML file is changes.

To start a WebSocket server on port 81, that watches and compiles style files, use

$ conquer -s 81 -e .styl -c stylus.cmd -o css

The following JavaScript can be inserted into the HTML to refresh the page when a styl file changes

<script language="javascript">
    // Connect to Conquer's WebSocket server.
    var client = new WebSocket('ws://localhost:81');
    client.onmessage = function(msg) {
        // Force reload the page when Stylus have finished compiling.
        if ( == 'exit') 

License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2012, wronex.



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