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This repo is a very, very brief sample of some code and analysis corresponding to the idLogit method described in these slides, as applied to Carroll & Verhaal's "Authentic Distilleries" binary choice data. This case study discussed briefly in the slides starting at slide 58.

I recommend simply reviewing the bootstrap.ipynb file for an overview. However this file simply analyzes data and results, and does not contain any of the analysis itself. If you want to see how the analysis was done, review and

NOTE: Running this code requires the underlying data and/or results. The underlying data I am not authorized to provide, and the results from statistical estimation aren't particularly suitable for inclusion in a repo. Reach out to me at if you are interested.

I also include a short writeup (writeup.pdf) This provides a bit more context and description, especially about some of the plots in the notebook. It was, though, mainly intended to inform Carroll & Verhaal's paper drafting.

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