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Self-contained Go Project

This is my personal spin on a self-contained Go project, incorporating the suite of basic tools and linters I like to use.

Since the strength of Golang is static binaries, this project is focused on shipping the source, vendored source, and source of support binaries all as one repository. Git cloning it should be enough to build it, and commands to update all the external dependencies should be obvious.

The default build configuration is set to a safe set of "static binary only" settings which should work to build pure Go projects, however if you need to link C libraries you'll need to enable CGO in the magefile.go file.

How to build

$ go run mage.go

will trigger the build system and provide list of options. go run mage.go binary will build the sample app.

Included Tools

These tools will work with go generate during builds due to path overrides in the magefile:

  • github.com/cheekybits/genny
  • github.com/alvaroloes/enumer
  • github.com/fatih/gomodifytags


  • gometalinter doesn't cleanly update with updateTools due to the incompatible changes with kingpin.v3-unstable. This repository has a patched version committed to the lint tools.