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1. Discuss large changes on the mailing list or trac before coding.
2. Python code style should follow PEP8 standards whenever possible
3. Write tests! Tons of great information here:
4. For non-trivial contributions, agree to the contributor agreement:
Email issue a GitHub pull request, email patches to, or
post them to the LocalWiki development mailing list.
Please also see our ticketing system at:
Picking out some tickets to work on is a great way to get started on the
Come talk to us in the #localwiki IRC channel on! Because the
project is just getting started, things are moving rather quickly. IRC is a
great way to quickly chat about functionality and plans!
== Simple git workflow ==
If using GitHub:
1. Fork on GitHub (click Fork button)
2. Clone to computer ($ git clone )
3. Set up remote upstream
($ git remote add upstream git://
4. Create a branch for new issue ($ git checkout -b 100-new-feature)
5. Develop on issue branch.
[Time passes, the main LocalWiki repository accumulates new commits]
6. Commit changes to issue branch
($ git add . ; git commit -m 'commit message')
7. Fetch upstream ($ git fetch upstream)
8. Update local master ($ git checkout master; git pull upstream master)
9. Repeat steps 5-8 till dev is complete
10. Rebase issue branch ($ git checkout 100-new-feature; git rebase master)
11. Push branch to GitHub ($ git push origin 100-new-feature)
12. Issue pull request (Click Pull Request button)
If not using GitHub:
Follow the same basic pattern (develop on branch until done), then rebase to
remote master when you're done. Send your patch using git format-patch to or provide a remote git URL to pull from.