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Kanbanery Feedback

Simple Ruby application for reporting bugs directly into kanbanery.

It is a plain rack application.

To set up your project edit

To modify form edit public/bug.html. Fields added to fieldset 'Bug report' will be automatically joined in the description part of Kanbanery ticket. Validation of user input is possible with jquery validation plugin.

Checkout python version on @pybug branch and php version on @phpbug branch or the java version (SpringMVC/Janbanery) on @javabug branch, the ruby version sitts on the @master branch.

Styles and graphics by


That's how the post a report form can look like:

And that's how we nicely thank our user/tester:

Java Version

Kanbanery-Feedback is using Janbanery ( to perform it's pushing of tasks to Kanbanery.