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Some notes on features under discussion or consideration, and some
vague implementation thoughts:
* Add some kind of filter for "the directory we care about"
- pseudo operations would only go to the server for items
in this directory
- optionally, logging could be generated for accesses
*outside* this directory
- intent is to reduce server load dramatically, and improve
and/or streamline the logging path when, e.g., doing
host contamination checking
- probably implies a new message type, MSG_LOG.
* Database recovery/reconstruction
- capability for failing harder in the event of apparent
* Log database performance improvements
- some way to do "live" queries against the log database
while the server is running
- some way to flush unwanted data
- possibly a way to separate logging into multiple files
or otherwise restrict the amount of stuff produced
- logging filters of some sort
* Canonicalization speedups
- possibly implement some kind of cache of directory names
and known canonicalizations
* Possibly limited handling for extended attributes
- specifically, the case where they're used to manpulate or
query the plain old modes ala chmod/stat.
* Test cases
- boy, do we need test cases!