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# do a quick performance test of pseudo
die() {
printf "%s\n" "$*" >&2
exit 1
doit() (
cd $dir
printf "%s\n" "Making test data..."
time ./makedata
printf "%s\n" "Timing tar command."
time sh -c 'tar cf - dir_[0-9] | tar -C new -xf -'
printf "%s\n" "Timing find command."
time find new -perm 0100 -exec true {} +
printf "%s\n" "Timing rm."
time rm -rf dir_[0-9] new
[ -x bin/pseudo ] || die "You need a bin/pseudo to test."
case $# in
0) dir="perftest.d";;
1) [ -d "$1" ] || die "Specify an existing directory to test in."
*) die "Usage: perftest [directory]"
case `id -u` in
0) printf "%s\n" "Running test."
printf "%s\n" "Done."
*) [ -d $dir ] && die "$dir directory already exists, delete it if you're done."
mkdir $dir
mkdir $dir/new
cc -o $dir/makedata makedata.c
printf "%s\n" "Running performance test (total time at end)"
time bin/pseudo ./perftest $1
rm -rf $dir
rm -f makedata
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