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These configuration files allow to easily setup your own wwwhisper authorized web server(nginx) on the OpenShift platform. To give you some useful applications for a start, the scripts setup a Gollum wiki, a Tinkerer blog and a directory for bulk files. Initially only you are allowed access to these locations, but you can use wwwhisper to grant access to other people. Mozilla Persona is used to authenticate visitors and prove that they own allowed emails; no site-specific passwords are created and stored.


Visit a demo site. The site is configured to allow everyone access. If you want to see the demo but don't want to create a real Persona account, sign-in with an address like: (Such addresses use mock Persona id and should not be used for anything important).

You can also check a demo version of the admin UI.


  1. Sign up for a free OpenShift account.

  2. Install OpenShift client tools. On many platforms it is just a matter of:

     sudo gem install rhc;
     rhc setup;
  3. Choose a name for your application and create the application:

     rhc app create -t diy-0.1 -a $YOUR_APP_NAME;
  4. Pull configuration scripts:

     cd $YOUR_APP_NAME;
     git remote add upstream -m master git://;
     git pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream master;
  5. Edit ./etc/site.conf and enter your email address as INITIAL_ADMIN_EMAIL. Commit the change:

     git commit -m "Set initial admin email" -a;
  6. Push configuration files to OpenShift:

     git push origin master;

    The first push will take up to 15 minutes; a build script executed on OpenShift needs to download, compile and install many dependencies (nginx, wwwhisper, Tinkerer and Gollum that requires tons of gems).

When the push finishes point your browser to You should see a login screen like this:

Login prompt

Sign-in with your email. The welcome page contains links to installed applications and short instructions how to use the site and grant access to other people.


If build script failed because one of dependencies failed to download, retry it with:


If this does not help, remove what was downloaded and rebuild from scratch:



Persona authenticated, wwwhisper authorized web server on OpenShift.



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