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Make sure required packages are installed.

sudo apt-get install git python python-dev python-virtualenv libssl-dev libpcre3-dev;

Get, compile and install nginx.

 # Download and unpack the latest stable nginx.
mkdir -p ~/src; cd ~/src;
tar xvfz ${NGINX_VERSION}.tar.gz;
 # Get auth-request module.
git clone;
 # Configure nginx. If your site needs any additional modules add them here.
./configure --add-module=./ngx_http_auth_request_module/ \
  --with-http_ssl_module --with-http_sub_module --prefix=$HOME/local/nginx/
 # Compile and install nginx.
make install;

Install wwwhisper.

 # Choose where to put wwwhisper files.
cd ~/local;
git clone; cd wwwhisper;
 # Create and activate virtual environment.
virtualenv virtualenv;
source virtualenv/bin/activate;
 # Install required packages in the virtual environment.
pip install -r ./requirements.txt;
 # Generate configurations files for a site to protect. You need to
 # specify your email as admin_email to be able to access the
 # admin web application. This step can be later repeated to enable
 # protection for multiple sites.
./ --site-url  http[s]://your.domain[:port] --admin-email your@email;

Configure nginx.

Edit ~/local/nginx/conf/nginx.conf and enable wwwhisper authorization. In directives below /home/alice/local/wwwhisper must be replaced with a path where wwwhisper is installed. In the server section put:

set $wwwhisper_root /home/alice/local/wwwhisper;
set $wwwhisper_site_socket unix:$wwwhisper_root/sites/$scheme.$server_name.$server_port/uwsgi.sock;
include /home/alice/local/wwwhisper/nginx/wwwhisper.conf;

See a sample configuration file for a more detailed explanation of wwwhisper related configuration directives.

Start nginx and wwwhisper.

cd ~/local/wwwhisper; source virtualenv/bin/activate;
./ -d sites/http[s].your.domain.port

Point your browser to http[s]://your.domain[:port]/admin, you should be presented with a login page. Sign in with the admin email and use the admin application to define which locations can be accessed by which visitors.