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XBMC key mappings
You can customise these settings by editing keymap.xml.
? means not defined by default.
Global key mappings while in the menus:
up/down/left/right controller: use DPAD remote : up/down/left/right arrows
page up/down controller: L/R trigger remote : use up/down controls on screen
select/play a file controller: A remote : select
back to previous menu controller: back remote : menu
back to parent directory controller: B remote : back
Keymappings while playing video:
switch between fullscreen video/menu controller: X remote: : display
find IMDB info for file or directory name controller: white remote : info
in fullscreen mode:
pause controller: A remote : pause
stop controller: B remote : stop
step forward +1 min controller: DPAD right remote : right
step backward -1 min controller: DPAD left remote : left
step forward +10 min controller: DPAD up remote : up
step backward -10 min controller: DPAD down remote : down
small step back (-8 seconds) controller: back remote : back
toggle zoom/stretch/normal controller: start remote : select
bring up OSD controller: Y remote : menu
toggle mplayer OSD display (playtime) controller: white remote : ?
toggle subtitles on/off controller: ? (use OSD) remote : title
show codec info controller: black remote : info
take a screenshot controller: click L thumbst.
Keymappings while in the video OSD:
navigation controller: use DPAD remote : up/down/left/right arrows
toggle a setting controller: A remote : select
decrease/increase values controller: DPAD left/right remote : up/down/left/right arrows
exit OSD controller: Y OR back remote : menu
Keymappings in My Music:
switch between Visualisation/menu: controller: X remote : display
previous/next song controller: ? remote : skip- and skip+
select/play a song controller: A remote : select
pause song controller: ? remote : pause
stop song controller: start remote : stop
in Songs/Album/Artist/Genre/Top100 views:
switch to playlist view controller: black remote : title
switch back to filelist controller: black remote : back
add item to playlist controller: Y remote : 0
find album info ( for file controller: white remote : info
My Pictures when viewing a slideshow or picture:
move when in zoom mode controller: use DPAD remote : use up/down/left/right or thumbstick left
prev/next picture controller: L/R trigger remote : skip- and skip+
show file info controller: black remote : info
pause/continue controller: start remote : pause
zoom out controller: X remote : 0-9
zoom in controller: A remote : 0-9
My Files:
switch between source/destination window controller: black remote : select
(de)select files/directory controller: Y remote : play
delete item controller: X remote : 0
copy item controller: white remote : ?
move item controller: start remote : ?
delete profile controller: black remote : 0
rename profile controller: white remote : title