CRM system for Database Concepts, Group 6.
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This program is designed to act as a Web 2.0 Customer Resource Management software. As such, it contains interfaces to interact with entities regarding Companies, Leads, Opportunities, Quote, Orders, and the entities supporting those entities, Products, Users, and Currencies.

This interface is provided in the form of a webpage, which then interacts with a Java backend, which interacts with the MySQL databse via JDBC.

The current deployment of this server can be found . For development purposes, the server should be run locally using the instructions found below.

  Nick Garvey
  Matt McCoy
  William Wenzel

Important documents to read in Documents/:
    databasediagram-revised.png - The final version of our ER diagram for the system we implemented. Many changes were
    made to the design of the system throughout the project's development. Attributes and relationships were removed
    due to redundancy. The deletion of these attributes and relationships made the system much simpler and overall
    made it less complicated.
How to run:
  Install Java 7 SDK
  Install Eclipse for Java EE web developers
  Import project under Eclipse
  Install Tomcat 7 using Eclipse
  SSH Tunnel to apollo11, forwarding source port 3306 to remote port localhost:3306
  Right click on in Eclipse and hit "Run on Server"
  Point your web browser to http://localhost:8080/DatabaseConceptsServer/rest/Company/1

The directory structure for this project is described below.

	Used to keep track of any sort of documentation required for this project that isn't source code documentation. 
    Documents such as our ER diagram and any sort of write up will go in this folder.    
	This is where any source code will be kept. This includes code for the front end, middleware, and database.

    The scripts to generate the MySQL tables, views, relations, and triggers for the database. The create scripts define the database, and the insert scripts add rows to the database.