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This short guide assumes you're on Ubuntu 11.04

Getting the (right) source

First, we need to create directories for the build:

$ mkdir -p ~/bin

$ mkdir -p ~/android/system

Now we'll need repo. Let's download it and make it executable:

$ curl > ~/bin/repo

$ chmod a+x ~/bin/repo

Log out and back in so the changes take effect.

Now initialized the repository and pull the source (with my repos attached):

$ cd ~/android/system/

$ repo init -u git:// -b gingerbread

$ repo sync -j16

Depending on your connection, this might take awhile.

Extract necessary binaries and proprietary files

We will need to reuse some proprietary files. The best ROM to obtain these from is a build of CM7-Ascend (05012011 or later). The Tapout ROM can also be used:

$ cd

$ cd ~/android/system/device/lge/thunderc

$ ./

Building CM7

Once thats done you can start compiling.

Follow the aosp instructions on setting up the build environment. -

When the environment is setup, we need to grab a copy of Koush's ROM Manager. This is necessary to build CM7.

$ cd

$ ~/android/system/vendor/cyanogen/get-rommanager

Now, we build:

$ cd ~/android/system

$ . build/ && brunch thunderc_LW690   

If for some reason it fails, make sure to do the following between builds:

$ make clean clobber

Installing CM7

If the build was successful, you can now take the update zip found in out/target/product/ascend/ and flash using a custom recovery. Make sure to grab the latest Gapps to complete the experience.

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