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The main Wrye Bash repository.
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Merge branch 'utumno-list-patchers-nitpick' into dev - review:

Under #187.

Eliminates duplicate code/logic in setting/using the srcs attribute of
AListPatcher subclasses by introducing 'srcs' attribute in AListPatcher.
Was already present in CBash_ListPatcher while in ListPatcher's subclasses
was variably named sourceMods (importers), srcMods and srcFiles.
This is a purelly refactoring commit - should only affect the logs (now
all AListPatcher subclasses will print None if they have no sources).
Tested, albeit review would be appreciated.
latest commit b583e1202f
@Utumno Utumno authored

Wrye Bash


Wrye Bash is a mod management utility for Oblivion and Skyrim with a rich set of features. This is a fork of the Wrye Bash related code from the SVN repository. We are in the process of refactoring the code to eventually support more games, offering the same feature set for all of them. Please read the Contributing section below if interested in contributing.

Docs are included in the download but we are setting them up also online here.


To run Wrye Bash from the latest dev code (download from here) you need:

Refer to the readmes for detailed instructions. In short:

  1. Install one of the supported games. Oblivion, Skyrim.
  2. Install Python and plugins above.
  3. Extract the downloaded Wrye Bash archive into your game folder.
  4. Run Wrye Bash by double-clicking "Wrye Bash Launcher.pyw" in the new Mopy folder.


Please read at least:

The dev branch forks at the SVN 3177 trunk revision.

Some branches have experimental work going on geared towards Python 3.3+. So in addition to the software cited above you may need wxPython Classic 3.0 and wxPython Project Phoenix(Python3+)

Main Branches

  • dev: the main development branch - approved commits end up here. Do not directly push to this branch - push to your branches and contact someone from the owners team in the relevant issue.
  • master: the production branch, contains stable releases. Use it only as reference.
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