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0.4.7 - unreleased

0.4.6 (2016-05-31)

  • Fix http timeouts not being used, this resolves a lot of situation where the client can lock up or not reconnect to transports.
  • Fix bug where reported site samples for measurements which had not finished when the user clicks the "send" button.


  • Fixed bug where browser pac doesnt update after block list is updated


  • Add server side measurements analysis pipeline [central]
  • Fix transport/connection deadlocks [client]
  • Fix all js/jsx linting errors [browser]
  • Fix exported debug log encryption for binary downloads [dist]
  • Compile using Go 1.6 [build]


  • Add timeouts in shutdown procedure so that quit if there are other problems [client]


  • Display version number on the settings page [client]
  • Debug export logs are now encrypted [client]
  • Add english and farsi in app docs/help pages [client/browser extension]
  • Misc improvements and fixes to docs system [client/browser extension]
  • Chrome extension exporter not allowed to run in multiple instances concurrently [client]
  • Add suggestion session token to [central]
  • Record http status code and http redirects in http header measurement [client/central]


  • Changelog starts here