Docker based development environment
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Docker Development Environment

This is a one stop Vagrant for a docker based development environment. It comes with riak-cs, scala, zookeeper, kafka, oracle-java7, playframework, and sbt, and probably a bunch more. It will pull and set up images for absolutely everything.


This is personalized for my use. It's not guaranteed to work all the time.

I recommend you clone your own copy:

git remote add upstream

then if you want to pull changes, do:

git fetch upstream; 
git merge upstream/master;

It also depends on a public registry image for the docker registry, so that's possibly a security risk.


Install Virtualbox and Vagrant, etc.

Read the Docker Cheat Sheet for how to install Vagrant.

Run Vagrant

vagrant up

Be prepared to wait while it gets Docker and Shipyard installed.

Reboot to install the Guest Additions:

vagrant reload

Run devenv install

Now that you have Guest additions, you should be able to install and run the scripts.

./bin/devenv install

Once this is done, reboot the VM to have Docker pick up the changes needed for Shipyard:

vagrant reload

Configure Shipyard

Once the server has rebooted and you've waited for a bit, you should have Shipyard up. The credentials are "shipyard/admin".


To start the server:

vagrant up
./bin/devenv start

To push the local images to registry:

./bin/devenv push

To export the registry:

./bin/devenv export

To import registry (CURRENTLY BROKEN):

./bin/devenv import


It does the following:

  • Installs a Vagrant image from Phusion Passenger that is pre-built with the correct kernel (so you don't have to update and reboot).
  • Installs the VirtualBox Guest Additions (4.3.2, but configurable).
  • Downloads and sets up a docker image containing a private repository from the public Docker index (insecure, not ideal).
  • Clones this github project from Github inside the Vagrant.
  • Runs through a base Docker image that adds important bits to the out of the box Ubuntu 12.04 image.
  • Pushes that base docker image to the private Docker repository.

This gives you a base starting point where all your other Dockerfile images can be built starting with:

FROM internal_registry:5000/base

in your Docker file.


It is based on the Relate-IQ Vagrantfile from the devenv blog post .

Additional bits taken from Mailgun shipper talk.

Some concepts taken from Phusion base image.