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Turn a timestamp into a friendly string of how long ago it was


1. Install

Setup lua-loader and then just npm install lua-timeago

2. Require

local timeago = require("lua-timeago")

3. Have fun

assert(timeago.parse() == "just now")
assert(timeago.parse("2011-06-21") == "2 years")
assert(timeago.parse() == "zojuist")
assert(timeago.parse("2011-06-21") == "2 jaar")

You can feed it anything that is swallowed by lua-date: date/time strings in different formats, or a lua-date date object. The default language is "english", and some other languages are readily available. You can provide a new language by passing a table with all the values (see english.lua), but if you do that, don't forget to issue a pull request as well.


GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)