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Retirement planner

This little calculator is a retirement planner designed to explore optimial withdraws from savings and IRA accounts. It uses a Linear Programming solution to maximize the minimum amount of money available to spend. As a side effect it minimizes the taxes that needs to be spent.

This is similar to the ideas of James Welch at www.i-orp.com but I wanted to explore some new ideas. ORP continues to be a much more complete tool. This version is mainly aimed at people who retire well before age 59.5.

Currently modeled

  • aftertax, IRA and Roth spending
  • IRA->Roth conversions
  • Federal income tax on IRA spending with 2017 tables
  • Simplistic capital gains, assuming an average cost basis, at a fixed 15%
  • Roth withdraw limitations before age 59
  • Early IRA withdrawals have a 10% penalty. (this is added to 'tax')
  • inflation
  • Required Minimum Distributions from IRA
  • Arbitrary income or expenses happening at certain years. Income can be taxed or not. This is used to model Social Security
  • IRA 72(t) withdrawals

Not modeled yet

  • Early withdrawals from Roth gains are not modeled (only contributions)
  • Recording when existing Roth contributions can be accessed in config file

Not modeled

  • Any other taxes
  • new contributions to IRA or Roth


  • Taxes are only for Married filing jointly at the moment
  • Only the standard deduction for 2 people
  • age 59 is assumed to be past 59.5


This program is written in Python and assumes the packages SciPy and toml are installed.

run pip install --user toml scipy numpy to install these libraries on most machines.


  • Copy sample.toml to a new file
  • Edit with your information
  • run python3 ./fplan.py NEW.toml


The output is a table by age with the following columns. All numbers in table are in 1000s of dollars.

  • save: amount in after-tax savings account
  • send: send from savings this year
  • IRA: balance of tax-deferred IRA acount
  • fIRA: amount to pull from IRA this year. (before 59 with penalty)
  • Roth: balance of tax-exempt Roth account
  • fRoth: amount to pull from Roth this year
  • IRA2R: money converted from the IRA to Roth this year
  • rate: US tax bracket this year
  • tax: tax spent this year (includes IRA 10% penlty)
  • spend: net amount spent this year (includes income)
  • extra: additional spending this year


This tool is being actively developed and eventually will have a much more user-friendly inteface. At the moment it is closer to a research tool. That said, I am more than happy to help people to use it and understand the resuls. Send mail at Wayne wsc9tt@gmail.com