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# Softenv2 - Rebooting Softenv

	1. Rewrite for easy long-term maintenance
	2. Push OO in both code and configurations
	3. Embrace the principle of least surprise
	  A. Order of operations should not matter - unless made explicit
          B. Conflicts should be announced in both global and user configs
          C. Dependencies should autoresolve - but be declared
	4. Allow for decentralized configurations and least-privilage
	5. Allow for build information in the package config
	  A. maintainer name and contact
	  B. install date
          C. activation date
          D. build host and location
	  E. license
          E. source location
          F. build flags and env details

Suggested Goals (BDE):

	6. Use existing software when possible - mainly applies to parsers and DB formats (YAML, Perl's freeze/thaw)
	7. Allow for ease of central administration (i.e., control initial environment via traditional means, but 
           make it easy for users to adjust their environments interactively;
	8. Related to 7 above, get rid of a user's and turn it into a series of commands like how modules 
	   does it