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bumblebee-status is a modular, theme-able status line generator for the i3 window manager.
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bumblebee-status is a modular, theme-able status line generator for the i3 window manager.

Focus is on:

  • Ease of use (no configuration files!)
  • Theme support
  • Extensibility (of course...)

I hope you like it and appreciate any kind of feedback: Bug reports, Feature requests, etc. :)

Thanks a lot!

Supported Python versions: 2.7, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6

Explicitly unsupported Python versions: 3.2 (missing unicode literals)


See the wiki for documentation.

Other resources:


$ git clone git://


Next, open your i3wm configuration and modify the status_command for your i3bar like this:

bar {
	status_command = <path to bumblebee-status/bumblebee-status> -m <list of modules> -p <list of module parameters> -t <theme>

You can retrieve a list of modules and themes by entering:

$ cd bumblebee-status
$ ./bumblebee-status -l themes
$ ./bumblebee-status -l modules

To change the update interval, use:

$ ./bumblebee-status -m <list of modules> -p interval=<interval in seconds>

As a simple example, this is what my i3 configuration looks like:

bar {
	font pango:Inconsolata 10
	position top
	tray_output none
	status_command ~/.i3/bumblebee-status/bumblebee-status -m nic disk:root cpu memory battery date time pasink pasource dnf -p root.path=/ time.format="%H:%M CW %V" date.format="%a, %b %d %Y" -t solarized-powerline

Restart i3wm and - that's it!

Required Modules

Modules and commandline utilities are only required for modules, the core itself has no external dependencies at all.

  • psutil (for the modules 'cpu', 'memory')
  • netifaces (for the module 'nic')
  • requests (for the module 'weather')

Required commandline utilities

  • xbacklight (for the module 'brightness')
  • xset (for the module 'caffeine')
  • notify-send (for the module 'caffeine')
  • cmus-remote (for the module 'cmus')
  • dnf (for the module 'dnf')
  • gpmdp-remote (for the module 'gpmdp')
  • setxkbmap (for the module 'layout')
  • fakeroot (for the module 'pacman')
  • pacman (for the module 'pacman')
  • pactl (for the module 'pulseaudio')
  • ping (for the module 'ping')
  • redshift (for the module 'redshift')
  • xrandr (for the module 'xrandr')


Here are some screenshots for all themes that currently exist:

❗️ Some themes (all 'Powerline' themes) require Font Awesome to display icons correctly.

Gruvbox Powerline (-t gruvbox-powerline) (contributed by @paxy97):

Gruvbox Powerline

Solarized Powerline (-t solarized-powerline):

Solarized Powerline

Solarized (-t solarized):


Powerline (-t powerline):


Default (nothing or -t default):


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