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Plugin to move lines and selections up and down
Vim script
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It's annoying to delete and paste parts of a text just to move it up/down or left/right a bit. There is the :m[ove] command but it is quite awkward to use by todays standards. vim-move is a Vim plugin that moves lines and selections in a more visual manner. Out of the box, the following keys are mapped in visual and normal mode:

<A-k>   Move current line/selection up
<A-j>   Move current line/selection down
<A-h>   Move current character/selection left
<A-l>   Move current character/selection right

The mappings can be prefixed with a count, e.g. 5<A-k> will move the selection up by 5 lines.

See this short demo for a first impression:

vim-vertical-move demo



vim-move is compatible with all major plugin managers. To install it using Vundle, add

Bundle 'matze/vim-move'

to your .vimrc.


Use g:move_key_modifier to set a custom modifier for key bindings. For example,

let g:move_key_modifier = 'C'

which will create the following key bindings:

<C-k>   Move current line/selections up
<C-j>   Move current line/selections down

And so on...


This plugin is licensed under MIT license.

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