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🎄 Vim undo tree visualizer
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Gundo.vim is Vim plugin to visualize your Vim undo tree.

Maintainer of Gundo.vim looks tired. This is my own fork of it.

What's the difference?

What's your further plan?

  • Merge more reasonable pull requests
  • Make faster
  • Automated test

Do you have any plan to diverge from upstream?

  • Not yet. It'll always be downstream of original


  • Vim ≥ 7.3 with +python

  • Python ≥ 2.4

Recommended vimrc settings:

" Enable persistent undo so that undo history persists across vim sessions
set undofile
set undodir=~/.vim/undo


The tests appear to be broken in tests/. Tests unit tests can be run with nose:

cd autoload

Contributing to Mundo

Tagging in the issue tracker

When submitting pull requests (commonly referred to as "PRs"), include one of the following tags prepended to the title:

  • [WIP] - Work In Progress: the PR will change, so while there is no immediate need for review, the submitter still might appreciate it.
  • [RFC] - Request For Comment: the PR needs reviewing and/or comments.
  • [RDY] - Ready: the PR has been reviewed by at least one other person and has no outstanding issues.

Assuming the above criteria has been met, feel free to change your PR's tag yourself, as opposed to waiting for a contributor to do it for you.


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