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chess game(using qooxdoo & node.js)

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Stefan Corneliu Petrea authored

Qooxdoo chess

A chess UI written using qooxdoo RIA framework.
A chess game server written using Node.js


qooxdoo 1.1 sdk unzipped in the same directory where you git clone this repo.

aptitude install libssl-dev build-essential

node.js 0.1.98 installed


Make a symlink to qooxdoo-1.1-sdk to this directory(will be used by the server to serve
the qooxdoo files and images).

In config.json and source/class/qoox_chess/Application.js change server_url to the ip of the machine
you’re running the server on.

Install npm on your system and install faye afterwards with it.
(npm install faye) and then symlink the faye browser component while in qchess/source/
ln -s /usr/local/lib/node/.npm/faye/0.5.2/package/faye-browser-min.js faye-browser-min.js


mkdir build
cd server
ln -s
chmod +x
./ build
sudo node serv.js
google-chrome http://localhost/build/index.html or google-chrome http://localhost/source/index.html

(FF 3.6 doesn’t implement websockets, chrome does)


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