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WSF Portfolio

v 1.0.6

Known Vulnerabilities

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Welcome to my portfolio repo. If you are visiting this, than you must be interested in site code :). This site is currently having features built and bugs fixed. So keep an eye on the roadmap below as new feature sets get completed and implemented. Thanks again for checking out my site/repo and please feel free to hit me up with any talk about code and code accessories (bonus points if you like King of the Hill)


Gulp Tasks

  • gulp - Development
    • Server Starts on localhost:8080
  • gulp build - Production


  • Update card button padding/line up with card logos
  • Add in Google Map
  • Update technology icon svgs to monochromatic color scheme

Completed Tasks

  • Fadein site, switch function to a window.onload function
  • Fix uWatch svg
  • Add Browser Cacheing tags
  • Add gif on site loading
  • Optimize images
    • Project Pages (look at @2x pngs)
  • Shift project image and description on mobile
  • Change About Me font to 1.125rem and line-height: 1.4
  • Add Free Code Camp link in footer
  • Open projects in new tab
  • Update Remy image
  • Add new loading GIF
  • Fix spelling errors on projects
  • Add Image when sharing URL <meta name='og:image' content='path'>
  • Update hero-title text shadows, icons are spilling out to bottom of hero .hero-title{text-shadow: 2px 5px 10px rgba($black,.5)};
  • UI-Router Updates:
  • Add 404 page