MODX Revolution 2.1+ compatible version of the MODX Repository file of the same name. Install instructions in the README file.
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Simple MODX Revolution Plugin, which uses various methods to hide e-mail addresses from Spammers.

This plugin searches for all email addresses and "mailto:" strings in the html output, both inside and outside href
attributes. In other words, it also encodes link text.

It can find all common email addresses as specified by RFC2822, including all unusual but allowed characters. Any email
addresses that satisfy the the construct below will be detected:

The plugin than randomly leaves 10% of the characters alone, encodes 45% of them in decimal, and 45% of them in

Package Manager Installation:
Simply download and install from the Package Manager. If other OnWebPagePreRender events exist in the project, order of
execution priority may be set in the respective Plug-ins - if necessary.

Manual Install:
1.) Create a new plugin
2.) Paste in this code
3.) Click the OnWebPagePreRender option on the events tab (near bottom).

Via Github:
Download/Fork/Watch at