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MODX Revolution 2.2.2-pl
Merge branch 'release-2.2'

* release-2.2: (50 commits)
  Update release date in changelog
  Fix new CLI installs broken by upgrade fix
  Preserve GET parameters for container_suffix redirects
  Allow custom FURLs via URL rewriting again
  [#7427] Fix request_method_strict with FURLs off
  Bump version for 2.2.2-pl release
  Add ability to extend manager session by relogging in without leaving manager screen; Add better handling for AJAX exceptions, displaying AJAX errors
  [#7649] Prevent E_NOTICE when using ago filter within <1sec difference
  [#7568] Add JSON to default content types
  [#7549] Open new window for phpinfo in system info page
  Flip page title on manager pages for easier readability in browser tabs; closes #300
  [#7543] Add extra sanity checks for ellipsis output filter
  Fix modAction overloading issue
  Actually fix CLI upgrades not loading config data
  Fix bug with creating a new category in the root causing a js error and not properly closing the window and refreshing the tree.
  Add config_ttf_directory setting for ttf font folder to make water-text-marks work
  CLI upgrades not loading MODX config data
  [#7652] Sessionless contexts allowing anonymous access to unpublished resources
  [#7646] Increase size of field
  Fix notice error in tv/create processor


MODX Revolution 2.2.1-pl
Merge branch 'release-2.2'

* release-2.2: (213 commits)
  Bump version for 2.2.1-pl release
  Fix uninstalled state to report 503 error
  [xPDO] Updated xPDO to 2.2.4-pl release
  Override modAccess->getOne for Principal aggregate
  Add Group/UserPrincipal aggregates to modAccess
  Fix CSS for windows
  [#7387] Add New Category button to Element tree toolbar
  [#7518] Fix issue that prevented absolute URLs in media-source bound TVs
  [#7521] Allow filtering of usergroup by request on users page
  Update of Czech translation
  Oprava 'kriticke chyby'
  Correction of Czech translation
  Correction of Czech translation in settings
  Refactor aggregate/composite criteria support
  Remove deprecated comments
  [ReUp] Add assets_path field to modNamespace
  Fix xPDOObject::_loadInstance for graph objects
  Refactor schema parsing using SimpleXML
  Translated new phrases in and to German
  Scale back prior commit a bit to prevent issues with field loading
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