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#Update -period with clock period (in nanoseconds) of the clock driving the fpga
create_clock -name sopc_clk -period 20 [get_ports PLD_CLOCKINPUT]
#Setting LED outputs as false path, since no timing requirement
set_false_path -from * -to [get_ports LEDG[*]]
#Constraining JTAG interface
#TCK port
#create_clock -name altera_reserved_tck -period 100 [get_ports altera_reserved_tck]
#create_clock -name altera_reserved_tck -period 100 [get_ports altera_reserved_tck]
create_clock -period 10MHz {altera_reserved_tck}
set_clock_groups -asynchronous -group {altera_reserved_tck}
#cut all paths to and from tck
set_clock_groups -exclusive -group [get_clocks altera_reserved_tck]
#constrain the TDI port
set_input_delay -clock altera_reserved_tck 20 [get_ports altera_reserved_tdi]
#constrain the TMS port
set_input_delay -clock altera_reserved_tck 20 [get_ports altera_reserved_tms]
#constrain the TDO port
set_output_delay -clock altera_reserved_tck 20 [get_ports altera_reserved_tdo]