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;;; See
;;; for explanation.
(ql:quickload 'clack)
(ql:quickload 'lack)
(defun starts-with (str prefix)
(when (>= (length str) (length prefix))
(string= (subseq str 0 (length prefix)) prefix)))
;;; Middleware to proctect the secure area
;;; :uidが設定されていない場合,protected-pathにアクセスすると
;;; redirect関数を呼び出してログインページへリダイレクトする.
(defun secure-mw (redirect protected-path)
(lambda (app)
(lambda (env)
;; preprocessing
(let* ((url (getf env :path-info))
(session (getf env :lack.session))
(uid (gethash :uid session)))
(if (and (null uid)
(dolist (prefix protected-path)
(when (starts-with url prefix) (return t))))
(setf (gethash :prev-url session) url)
(funcall redirect))
(funcall app env))))))
;;; ログインページへリダイレクトするレスポンスを返す.
(defun redirect-to-login-page ()
'(303 (:location "/login") ("")))
(defun get-uid (env)
(gethash :uid (getf env :lack.session)))
(defun get-session-id (env)
(getf (getf env :lack.session.options) :id))
(defun get-change-id (env)
(format nil "~A" (getf (getf env :lack.session.options) :change-id)))
(defun page-header (env)
`("<html><h1>Lack Session Middleware Test</h1>
<h2>--- Login Logout Example ---</h2>
<li>Access any directories. Any directories under '<b>/private</b>' needs to be logged in to access.</li>
<li>Session ID: " ,(get-session-id env) "</li>
<li>:change-id = " ,(get-change-id env) "</li>
<hr />"))
(defun status (uid)
(if uid
`("<p>You are logged in as " ,uid ". (<a href='/logout'>logout</a>)</p>")
`("<p><a href='/login'>Login</a></p>")))
(defun page-footer ()
(defun login-form ()
;; /auth にuidとpasswdをPOST
'("<p>Use '<b>wshito</b>' for username, '<b>mypass</b>' for password.</p>
<form action='/auth' method='post'>
<input type='text' name='uname' maxlength='32' autocomplete='OFF' /></p>
<input type='password' name='passwd' maxlength='32' autocomplete='OFF' /></p>
<p><input type='submit' value='Login' /></p>
;;; ログインページ
(defparameter *login*
(lambda (env)
(let ((uid (get-uid env)))
`(200 (:content-type "text/html")
,(append (page-header env)
(if uid
(list "<p>You are already logged in as " uid ".</p>")
;;; ログアウトページ
(defparameter *logout*
(lambda (env)
(setf (getf (getf env :lack.session.options) :expire) t)
`(200 (:content-type "text/html")
,(append (page-header env)
(list "<p>You have logged out.</p>")
;;; 認証関数
(defun authenticate (name password)
(and (string= name "wshito")
(string= password "mypass")))
;;; :body-parameters内にはPOSTで送られたパラメータが,ドット対
;;; のリストとして保持されている.この場合だと,
;;; (("uname" . "wshito") ("passwd" . "mypass"))
(defparameter *auth*
(lambda (env)
(let* ((params (getf env :body-parameters))
(name (cdr (assoc "uname" params :test #'string=)))
(pass (cdr (assoc "passwd" params :test #'string=))))
(if (and (= (length params) 2)
(authenticate name pass))
(let* ((session (getf env :lack.session))
(url (gethash :prev-url session "/")))
(setf (gethash :uid session "/") name)
(setf (getf (getf env :lack.session.options) :change-id) t)
`(303 (:location ,url) ("")))
;;; ログインが必要なprivateエリア
(defparameter *private*
(lambda (env)
(let* ((session (getf env :lack.session))
(uid (gethash :uid session nil))
;; /privateにmountしているのでpathには/privateが含まれない
(path (concatenate 'string "/private" (getf env :path-info))))
`(200 (:content-type "text/html")
,(append (page-header env)
(status uid)
(list "<p>Private Area: path = " path "</p>")
;;; Main App
(defparameter *sample-app*
(lambda (env)
(let* ((session (getf env :lack.session))
(uid (gethash :uid session))
(path (getf env :path-info)))
(when (null uid) (setf (gethash :prev-url session) path))
`(200 (:content-type "text/html")
,(append (page-header env)
(status uid)
(list "<p>path = " path "</p>")
;;; Creates Lack Application
;;; builderチェーンの最後だけが1重lambdaで,それ以外は2重lambda.
;;; builderされ*app*に渡される内容は外側のlambda式がfuncallで呼びだされた
;;; 後の結果.外側のlambdaはbuilder時に実行される.
(defparameter *app*
(secure-mw #'redirect-to-login-page '("/private"))
(:mount "/login" *login*)
(:mount "/auth" *auth*)
(:mount "/logout" *logout*)
(:mount "/private" *private*)
;;; Starts the Web server
(defparameter *handler*
(clack:clackup *app*))
;;; Stops the Web server
;; (clack:stop *handler*)