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Welcome to the wslu wiki!

What is WSL?

WSL is short for "Windows Subsystem for Linux", which is a Linux Subsystem from Windows 10. WSL provides developers with a familiar Bash shell and Linux environment in which you can run most Linux command-line tools, directly on Windows, UNMODIFIED, without needing an entire Linux virtual machine. Currently we have Bash On Ubuntu On Windows 10(Legacy), Ubuntu, OpenSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and more distros such as Fedora will be coming in the future.

What is wslu?

This is a collection of utilities for Windows 10 Linux Subsystem, such as enabling sound in WSL or creating your favorite linux app shortcuts on Windows 10 Desktop. Requires Windows 10 Creators Update and higher.

Currently supported Distro

Community Supported Distro

*: Will support in the future. **: you need to request to using RHEL from WLinux team and have a license of RHEL of your own.

Legacy Ubuntu is no longer supported.


Report bugs to


Thanks to @sirredbeard and @cerebrate for their contributions to the project!

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