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# Pre-payments with Chargify and Stripe
require "stripe"
require "chargify_api_ares"
Stripe.api_key = ENV['STRIPE_SECRET_KEY']
Chargify.configure do |c|
c.api_key = ENV['CHARGIFY_API_KEY']
# Find a Chargify Subscription
sub = Chargify::Subscription.find 11335477
puts sub.inspect
# Create a Charge directly at Stripe
chg = Stripe::Charge.create(
:amount => 2500,
:description => 'Pre-payment for...',
:currency => 'usd',
:customer => sub.payment_profile.vault_token
puts chg.inspect
# You may want to store the `id` of the charge in your database,
# or add a note / metadata to the subscription, so that you can
# tie the transactions together if there is a question later.
# Record an external payment on the Chargify Subscription
if chg.paid
pmt = sub.payment(
amount_in_cents: 2500,
memo: "Pre-payment for..."
puts "Charge at Stripe was NOT successful"
puts pmt.inspect