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WSO2 BPM team is pleased to announce the WSO2 BPS 3.6.0 release.

This release comes with both the runtime and tooling.

This release contains the following improvements and features:

    Release Notes - WSO2 Business Process Server - Version 3.6.0


  • [BPS-135] - Compilation failures when there are cyclic dependencies to schemas which are defined inline in WSDL
  • [BPS-720] - Uploaded attachments should be accessible from successive user tasks
  • [BPS-889] - [BPMN] Erroneous BPMN is deployed and synced to workers through SVN
  • [BPS-890] - [BPMN] Erroneous behaviour in BPMN version un-deployment
  • [BPS-917] - Very slow TPS shown with this process
  • [BPS-921] - bps3.5 document doesn't provide full list of source code
  • [BPS-923] - Unable to change password for keystore wso2carbon.jks
  • [BPS-929] - Identity management should be properly configured for bpmn
  • [BPS-935] - Fix User-Agent HTTP header
  • [BPS-945] - BPMN Explorer task view does not show� comments
  • [BPS-952] - Error when tables not found when running with -Dsetup
  • [BPS-954] - Redeploying undeployed BPMN service fails
  • [BPS-956] - start-end time not shown correctly in BPMN explorer
  • [BPS-959] - Report error on BPMN processes
  • [BPS-961] - wso2bps-samples.sh is not set as executable by default
  • [BPS-964] - Error observed when restarting the server after JAX-WS/JAX-RS Webapp Management Feature
  • [BPS-968] - BPMN script task sample always results a local delivery user task
  • [BPS-969] - BPMN process start event, succeeds even when 'required'=true fields are empty
  • [BPS-970] - LoanApprovalProcess Sample Error-a field required to be set as [required "true"]
  • [BPS-972] - [Intermitent] BPMN rest api 400 error when invoking GET on deployments
  • [BPS-976] - Enabling BPEL Analytics Publisher in the feature manager UI
  • [BPS-977] - Issue when executing the bpel clean up tool i.e. process-cleanup.properties
  • [BPS-991] - Activiti Rest API error [BPS 3.5.1]
  • [BPS-1018] - [BPMN REST API] Error occures when try to update process variable over BPMN REST API when charset included in Content-Type
  • [BPS-1019] - [bpmn-explorer] Create string variables when starting, completing tasks regardless of form variable type
  • [BPS-1020] - BPMN explorer require login permission to log in
  • [BPS-1022] - [BPMN REST API] Update a variable on an execution does not work for application/xml Content-Type
  • [BPS-1023] - BPMN script task sample not working as explained in doc
  • [BPS-1036] - datafile changed, bps cannot start for file not found error
  • [BPS-1037] - [bpmn-explorer] boolean type form data are sent as json strings
  • [BPS-1045] - HT Rendering does not work when Callback service is on a separate wsdl
  • [BPS-1047] - BPMN Rest API web app packs unwanted jars
  • [BPS-1048] - [Upgrade] Carbon Kernal upgrade to v4.4.6
  • [BPS-1049] - [Upgrade] jaggery version upgrade to match kernal version v4.4.6
  • [BPS-1050] - Change User Performance Of Tasks Instances Over Time reporting view to accept a user name
  • [BPS-1057] - All Jaggery app fail with hostname in certificate didn't match error.
  • [BPS-1058] - HumanTask Explorer's Attachment Authentication fails after updating to Kernel 4.4.6
  • [BPS-1059] - File Upload fails after updating to Kernel 4.4.6
  • [BPS-1063] - BPMN - The email body is empty when the message configured in html format
  • [BPS-1065] - Launching all Jaggery apps do not work after updating to Kernel 4.4.6
  • [BPS-1071] - Process Information screen does not appear for BPEL processes in Management Console UI after updating to Kernel 4.4.6
  • [BPS-1075] - BPEL Process Visualization renders empty Div
  • [BPS-1078] - KPISample process not working
  • [BPS-1079] - BPMN Explorer Advanced Filtering's adding variable increments variable fields without variable names
  • [BPS-1080] - [bpmn-explorer] Common error message not displayed properly
  • [BPS-1081] - ProcessInstanceUrl of response on adding new comment for a task is not correct
  • [BPS-1082] - Fix the minor bugs in BPMN explorer - Process Monitoring tab
  • [BPS-1083] - BPMN Explorer - Substitution UI End time incorrect when endtime = Long.Max
  • [BPS-1084] - [bpmn-explorer] Update WSO2 icons and cleanup old one
  • [BPS-1085] - BPMN-explorer claim button does not invoke correct claim request
  • [BPS-1086] - BPMN user tasks are claimable for non candidate users also
  • [BPS-1087] - Minor UI text changes in Substitution UI
  • [BPS-1088] - Integrate Secure vault for BPMN Analytics configuration.
  • [BPS-1090] - Can't access the processes in bpmn-explorer of worker node when worker node start with -DworkerNode=true
  • [BPS-1093] - [humantask-explorer] Unable to save/complete tasks
  • [BPS-1094] - Cannot add new substitute without endTime, with Mysql
  • [BPS-1096] - Identity tables are not created in fresh pack.
  • [BPS-1097] - Unable to install SCIM features
  • [BPS-1098] - Attachments and Comments are not displayed in Completed tasks view
  • [BPS-1099] - Request parameters for substitution REST apis should accept email usernames
  • [BPS-1102] - [BPMN-Explorer] form variables are not submitted when writeable=false when starting a process
  • [BPS-1104] - XMLVarialeTypeUsageProcess sample does not work with Java 8
  • [BPS-1105] - [BPMN-Explorer][UX] Get confirmation from user before deleting a comment
  • [BPS-1106] - User substitution fails with oracle with error
  • [BPS-1109] - BPMN Explorer comment and attachment tabs are not working properly in Firefox web browser
  • [BPS-1111] - BPMN user substitutions are not allowed for users with substitution permission
  • [BPS-1112] - [BPMN-Explorer] In TaskView Attachement and Comment tabs are not marked as active for relavent tab
  • [BPS-1114] - [BPMN] If Rest Task response returns XML/HTML data, the Instance view page breaks
  • [BPS-1115] - [BPMN-Explorer] Huge unused empty space to scroll down at the end of the view
  • [BPS-1116] - [BPEL] Security Fix (findbugs): Possible URL parameter injection
  • [BPS-1118] - [BPMN] Rest API return enum values as null for start process
  • [BPS-1121] - [BPMN] Explorer-UI: process start form data select element doesn't load with default value
  • [BPS-1124] - [Humantask-Explorer] Claimable task view and i18n locale error
  • [BPS-1125] - BPEL Data publisher does not respect data type
  • [BPS-1128] - Substitution fails with postgress
  • [BPS-1129] - [BPMN][DataTypes][XML] XML objects' set() function only allows to set strings
  • [BPS-1130] - Humantsk-explorer attchments upload returns 403
  • [BPS-1131] - [BPMN][Samples] Error while starting Simple Calculator process
  • [BPS-1132] - move substitution feature db script to a seperate db script
  • [BPS-1133] - Getting 403 errors for substitution APIs with admin user
  • [BPS-1134] - [BPMN-Explorer] Admin substitution view is not shown to admin users and users with BPMN permission
  • [BPS-1135] - Update Owasp.CsrfGuard.Carbon.properties with relevant filter expressions to allow necessary urls
  • [BPS-1136] - Variabes are not returning with bpmn task and process instance rest apis
  • [BPS-1137] - BPMN Simple Calculator sample does not working properly
  • [BPS-1138] - Generate License text file for BPS 3.6.0
  • [BPS-1140] - Humantask-explorer UI attachment upload doesn't work when localhost is used
  • [BPS-1141] - [BPMN-Explorer] User inputs are not validated when starting and completing a process
  • [BPS-1142] - BPMN Explorer Process view refresh causes broker pipe error
  • [BPS-1145] - Management Console does not show process instances for large nu of instances


  • [BPS-930] - [BPMN Explorer] Validate user task transfer / reassignment
  • [BPS-947] - Improve BPMN Rest Invoker Service Task to support comma in HTTP headers.
  • [BPS-985] - Info message returned to the client needs improvement
  • [BPS-986] - Rename variable skipInstanceCreationIfExist to skipInstanceCreation in correlation api
  • [BPS-987] - Improve BPMN history view
  • [BPS-988] - Publish process variable data to DAS from BPS to be analyzed
  • [BPS-989] - Enable REST Calling from PC to BPS to communicate process-variable-publishing details to DAS
  • [BPS-995] - Improve BPMN REST Task to support methods such as PUT, DELETE, PATCH
  • [BPS-998] - BPMN REST Task should assign outputs to local variables - not to process level variables
  • [BPS-999] - JSON array response handling support for BPMN REST Task
  • [BPS-1007] - Provide bulk task reassignment and the ability to specify a user for a temporarily unavailable user to handle tasks
  • [BPS-1035] - [BPMN Explorer] Add commenting facility for BPMN User tasks views in bpmn explorer
  • [BPS-1055] - Improvements on org.wso2.carbon.bpmn.extensions.rest.RESTTask
  • [BPS-1064] - HumanTask and BPEL schedulers should start after the server start completion
  • [BPS-1068] - [BPMN] Introducing JSON datatype
  • [BPS-1072] - BPMN Explore Advance Filtering fields get reset after search.
  • [BPS-1073] - Process Monitoring doesn't show Active State Diagram
  • [BPS-1108] - Add process definition ID to task level event streams
  • [BPS-1110] - [BPMN-Explorer][UX] List views are not aligned properly and revamp UIs to unified look and feel
  • [BPS-1113] - [BPMN-Explorer][UX] Revamp bpmn-explorer navigation tabs
  • [BPS-1126] - provide a property to specify whether to use encrypted password or plain text password in AnalyticsServerProfile file
  • [BPS-1143] - Removing published process variable publishing configuration from BPS to DAS

New Feature

  • [BPS-87] - Write BPS Agent for DAS
  • [BPS-1026] - Implement Bulk Task Reassignment, Substitution feature for BPMN
  • [BPS-1040] - [BPMN] Introduce/Enhance XML/JSON support for BPMN in WSO2 BPS
  • [BPS-1054] - Implementation the SOAP extension for C4 using Axis2 and introducing the PUT and DELETE functions for the REST extension


  • [BPS-939] - Add Documentation for BPMN Rest API
  • [BPS-1056] - Depreciating HumanTask UI in Management console.
  • [BPS-1066] - Update Activiti Version
  • [BPS-1074] - Exclude Feature folder from Product distribution.
  • [BPS-1076] - Update Carbon Kernel to 4.4.7
  • [BPS-1077] - Add version matching rule for importFeatureDef in all features.
  • [BPS-1089] - Merge changes from Activiti REST API 5.21 with BPS REST API.
  • [BPS-1101] - [bpmn][analytics] replace usage of com.googlecode.json with fasterxml library
  • [BPS-1103] - [BPMN] Add sample for XML datatype usage
  • [BPS-1107] - [BPMN] Add sample for JSON datatype usage
  • [BPS-1119] - Add new configuration file to set analytics related configurations of bps
  • [BPS-1122] - [BPMN] Add REST Task sample
  • [BPS-1127] - [Security] Disable browser autocomplete for username/password


  • [BPS-940] - Add Documentation for BPMN stats Rest API
  • [BPS-1027] - Provide a persistence layer for CRUD operations related to substitutes
  • [BPS-1028] - Provide an API to notify on user unavailability and to substitute existing tasks
  • [BPS-1029] - Substituting future tasks
  • [BPS-1030] - Selection of the substitute should be transitive
  • [BPS-1031] - Provide User Substitution UI in BPMN explorer
  • [BPS-1032] - Provide a Substitute Lookup API
  • [BPS-1033] - Add Substitute Permission scheme
  • [BPS-1034] - Add support for substituting existing candidate tasks
  • [BPS-1041] - [BPMN] JSON variable create/update support for Script task
  • [BPS-1051] - [BPMN] Introduce XML datatype
  • [BPS-1069] - [BPMN] Introducing JSON datatype
  • [BPS-1070] - [BPMN][REST] Add JSON/XML variable type support to BPMN Rest API
  • [BPS-1092] - [BPMN] XML variable create/update support for Script task

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