Welcome to the WSO2 Dashboard Server source code - data is meaningless until its communicated. For info on working with the WSO2 Dashboard Server repository and contributing code, click the link below.


WSO2 Dashboard Server - (WSO2 DS)

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Everybody can agree on that "Data is worthless if you don't communicate It correctly". It needs to be presented in a meaningful manner.

DS helps to achieve this with two focused tasks

  1. Create a dashboard (visually) with data visualization and share it across different organizational roles
  2. Create Microsites to present growing information of a focused domain - There can be certain cases that the requirement is not a single dashboard, in such cases, you can create a microsite which can be a collection of dashboards and other textual/dynamic web pages

DS has an enterprise store integrated, where users can bookmark the dashboards, microsites and data visualization widgets they are fond of.

The store has a direct link when creating dashboards. When an organization user creates a new dashboard he can pick and choose items from the store to add to his dashboard

DS is powered by WSO2 Carbon & Jaggeryjs