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#WSO2 Developer Studio Kernel

WSO2 Developer Studio has moved in to a kernel-based model with its new architecture revamp from version 4.0.0. WSO2 Developer Studio Kernel provides a set of common plugins, which can be used to develop Eclipse plugins for WSO2 products that are based on WSO2 Carbon platform. All the product specific plugins will use the Developer Studio Kernel as the base for their respective tooling implementation.

WSO2 Developer Studio kernel has following key capabilities

  • A UI toolkit that will generate UIs using XML instead of visually designing
  • A platform and a framework to use web technologies for plugin development
  • Large number of reusable built-in UI Component for plugin development (SWT Composites)
  • Built-in template support for rapid development
  • Provide Maven utilities to add maven support for developed plugins
  • Built in support for CApp and Carbon servers
  • Seamless integration with Eclipse, Developer Studio kernel and other plugin features using extension points

Developer Studio Kernel will provide comprehensive support for developing tools and speedup the development process while ensuring unified tooling user experience across the Carbon platform.

##How to Contribute

##Contact us WSO2 developers can be contacted via the mailing lists: