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Dockerfile for WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus

The Dockerfile defines the resources and instructions to build the Docker images with the WSO2 products and runtime configurations.

Try it out

Quick steps to build the WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus docker image and run in your local machine

The cloned local copy of WSO2 Dockerfiles will be referred as DOCKERFILES_HOME.

  • Add product packs and dependencies

  • Build the docker image

    • Navigate to <DOCKERFILES_HOME>/wso2esb.
    • Execute build.sh script and provide the product version.
      • ./build.sh -v 4.9.0
  • Docker run

    • Navigate to <DOCKERFILES_HOME>/wso2esb.
    • Execute run.sh script and provide the product version.
      • ./run.sh -v 4.9.0
  • Access management console

    • To access the management console, use the docker host IP and port 9443.
      • https://<DOCKER_HOST_IP>:9443/carbon

Detailed Configuration