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WSO2 Stream Processor

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WSO2 Stream Processor (WSO2 SP) is an open source stream processing platform. It can ingest data from Kafka, HTTP requests, message brokers. You can query data stream using a “Streaming SQL” language. With just two commodity servers it can provide high availability and can handle 100K+ TPS throughput. It can scale up to millions of TPS on top of Kafka.


Please download the latest stable WSO2 Stream Processor release from

How to Run

Please refer to our quick start guide on how to start and run the WSO2 Stream Processor.


Please see the WSO2 Documentation site for WSO2 SP


We are committed to ensuring that your enterprise middleware deployment is completely supported from evaluation to production. Our unique approach ensures that all support leverages our open development methodology and is provided by the very same engineers who build the technology.

For more details and to take advantage of this unique opportunity please visit

Reporting Issues

We encourage you to report issues, documentation faults and feature requests regarding WSO2 SP through the WSO2 SP Issue Tracker.