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dvd2xbox source code archive

dvd2xbox is a disc to hdd/smb/ftp copy program for the original xbox which supports the following formats:

  • XBox Games: makes a backup of your original games. You're done with a few clicks. Use game name as directory name. Disables all known media checks and let you run the game from any medium.
  • Video DVD: makes a backup of your original movie DVD. Supports css to decrypt the movie during copy.
  • Audio CD: makes a backup of your original CDDA. Rips Audiotracks and encodes them to ogg vorbis, MP3 or WAV. Supports freecddb to name your tracks.
  • ISO9660: copy your burned S/VCD and mp3 CDs.

Additional features:

  • Action Control List: control the postprocessing (patching) of each title individual using the titleID.
  • Disk Browser: browse you hdds/DVDs/CD-RW/CD-Rs, delete files or directories, launch apps directly within dvd2xbox, remove media checks from all *.xbe's,patch all files with adr style input data, copy files between partitions or from DVD/CD-RW/CD-R, see filesizes and stored xbe titles, rename xbe titles, start ACL processing manually.
  • Game manager: List and launch your games with dvd2xbox. Supports deletion of game, gamesaves, game and gamesaves.
  • FTP server: based on XBMC's xbfilezilla.
  • Support for DVD/CD-RW/CD-R in UDF/ISO9660/CDDA format
  • LCD support for SmartXX, X3 and Xenium chips
  • Progress bar during file copy for the formats UDF/ISO9660/CDDA+encoding
  • Progress bar for total bytes to copy for the formats UDF and ISO9660
  • Display of remaining bytes to copy (UDF/DVD) and remaining free space (all types)
  • Destination names are automatically changed to fit the fatx naming convention
  • Support for partition7 (g: drive).
  • Support for LBA48.
  • Support for smb shares via included samba client.
  • Support for xbox to xbox transfers (ftp).
  • Copy report which displays files copied,files failed to copy and files renamed
  • Retry mode to copy failed files without copy the whole disc again (udf)
  • Logfile writer: enable it via the settings menu to see what happens during copy.
  • Simple and intuitive gui.
  • Clear configuration file using XML.
  • Reliable


  • XBMC for the great work they've done. I use a lot of their sources in dvd2xbox
  • Piet for the nice background picture and the Xcddb library for using
  • Jezz_X for all the nice skins


This program works only on microsofts first xbox the so called original xbox. To compile the code you need the official xbox developer kit xdk.


dvd2xbox source code archive






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