Report/thesis class for Mechanical Engineering @ The University of Adelaide
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The LaTeX class adelaide-mecheng-thesis

Installation and first use

  • If you're on a personal computer, first install a LaTeX distribution such as MiKTeX (Windows), MacTeX (Mac), or TeX Live (all platforms).
  • Download the three files above by clicking on the ‘Download ZIP’ button on the right.
  • Open adelaide-mecheng-thesis.dtx in TeXWorks or your favourite LaTeX editor and compile it. This will produce the PDF documentation and also create the necessary class file (adelaide-mecheng-thesis.cls).
  • Now open example.tex and try compiling it; if everything is installed correctly you should end up with a sensible looking PDF.
  • Edit the example.bib file using JabRef or similar; take some time to ensure that your own bibliography is carefully put together.